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water based ink on paper beer coaster / 93 x 93 mm / set of 25 prints / 2015
don’t be a prick. just print it


This second series was made since there was too many people sending private messages asking for a print. The first series was of 50 prints in black only. This second and final one is of 25 and in two colors. I reserved a few from each for my personal collection and for those that come and visit my home studio. “gyotaku”, the real one, is a wonderful technic and when with different colors and difficult to achieve. Hope to try it again in a near future with our popular codfish or sardines. Yves Klein, as all of us know very well, on his “anthropometries” offered more than a finished printed work. The process acted as a performance and as an artist manifestation “de per si”.


Dare Ms. Vilivine, et al, … ho-hum, I think most police departments were pioneering in this area eons ago. … & what cruel person tore the wings off that little fly???? Richard Canard

- Richard Canard / JULY 20, 2015

A most generous rendering.

- Bradford / JULY 20, 2015


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shown at

"Arven etter Kittelsen" / Kittelsenhuset / Kragero, Norway

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