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In Case of Despair

mixed media assemblage / 1 vial with 1 capsule of 500 mg active substance + 1 ampule of 2 ml of prepared solution + 1 razorblade / 130 gr / 2015 / 10€ with included postagea "one use only" suicide kit


Despite being an art project, this vial contains harmful and potentially dangerous materials that are extremely hazard to your health.

Avoid leaving the vial unattended.

Keep locked up and out of the reach of children.

keep away from food, drink and animal foodstuffs.

Do not empty into drains, dispose of this material and its container at hazardous or special waste collection point.

10 available unities


Perhaps, again, I am not seeing the underlying message [outside of perhaps something to kill myself with . . . ¿ . . .]. The vile arrived intact, but after reading about the ingredients, I think, if I am to take your message at face value, the seal will remain, sealed.

- Keith S. Chambers