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Bota fogo nisso!

typewritter on paper / 210 x 145 mm / 2017
Bota fogo nisso!
Bota fogo nisso!
a project lead by zetavares regarding the fires that stroke us
written as from the mouth of the common person


I could say that smashing trees to create these warnings, in a way of raising awareness for the recent fires and the others that have annually assaulted us, would be a lesser evil ... yet I call it XXXXXXXX complete stupidity.

But who am I to be here with radicalisms?

I'm shitting myself for what's going on in this country. My house hasn't burn, nor am I a barbarian who was left without chickens and pigs. I sincerely don't care about nature and about what we "leave to our descendants" ... I won't be around to worry about this damn thing. Ain't that true?

I'm just like you ... tired of listening to these small little unimportant people complaining about everything and about nothing. What's wrong with a fire here and there?


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artbymail / Bota fogo nisso!
artbymail / Bota fogo nisso!

shown at

"Amanita Bunker" / Alcaide, Portugal