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15.11.2019 > 17.11.2019 | EXHIBITION

"Amanita Bunker" / Alcaide, Fundão, Portugal
15.11.2019 > 17.11.2019 | EXHIBITION
15.11.2019 > 17.11.2019 | EXHIBITION
a mailart and artbymail exhibition


In the Autumn, the first rain arrive, and, with it, the wild mushrooms. Its picking is, since immemorial times, a way to people complement their food and their income sources. To retrieve and disseminate all this heritage, is the main goal of the event Míscaros – Festival do Cogumelo. The street’s decoration, the craft, the menus, the concerts and theatre plays, the mycological excursions in Serra da Gardunha, in this event, nothing is left to chance.

At this 2019’s edition, the Amanita Bunker exhibition returns to the streets of this small village reinforcing the artistic bombings of the previous 2018's edition. Authors are invited to create artwork regarding the requested theme and join the yearly Mushroom Festival.

Amanita Bunker, wears now robes of a fictional political party. The Amanites manifest themselves and demand distinction and promise improvements on the village. In the form of stickers, pins, posters, slogans, political propaganda and other equally ridiculous but serious paraphernalia ... artists are invited to participate by sending works that will eventually be scattered through the streets in the form of propaganda.

"Fires continue to plague the country and our memory is short. When we take down forests or take other actions that can deplete fungal populations, this does not only only affect fungi - it ultimately affects Homo sapiens as well. Fungi is an ignored realm, but this kingdom is more important than many of us imagine." -- Nicholas Money

We do ask you to add somewhere on the artwork the hashtag #AMANITABUNKER and the website so that the receiver may go online and learn about this project.


ART DIRECTOR AND CURATOR Monsenhor enVide neFelibata & zetavares


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